The Card

I wanted to send you an e-card, like we did when we first met,
I searched and searched all over the internet,
Can't find one that rings true and I have to wonder why,
I don't know that it is love I see reflected in your eyes,

Can't say you bring all the sunshine to me on cloudy days,
You haven't always been there for me as all the cards seem to say,
Can't say you make me feel so secure when you hold me in your arms,
Can't list truth and constancy among all your charms,

I guess they don't make the card with words I need you to hear,
A card that says I love you still, without all the good cheer,
The soft words of a lover have vanished from your lips,
Repaced by lots of maybes, we'll sees and ifs,

How can I still love you after all that I just wrote?
How can I from such lovely cards to you quote?
How much longer should I search, how much time should I spend,
On something that you will not miss, the card I did not send,

by Vallerie Lobell

Comments (2)

I liked the poem good flow tight rhyme I was and a wasn’t expecting the ending it was good standard spouse problem
Ah yes that in-between feeling, shades of grey here I sense, but Vallerie, you are so much more than words on a card Love duncan X