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"The Carney's Funhouse Mirrors"
FMJ ( / Stoughton, Wisconsin)

"The Carney's Funhouse Mirrors"

Poem By Fredric Marsh Jr.

Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls:
on the "Flood Lit,"
ka-lei-do-scop-ic, fun house walls:
showing images: telling all.

Sweltering, moonlit midway's:
"Burstin':" with (shadowy), propelling: compelling HU-MAN-I-TIES!
"Sizzlin': "with flashing, patterned CAN-DES-CEN-TRIES!

A circus (barker) stands aloft:
looking upon the faces:
crowds of gathering faces : (mindless) faces.
"TEMPTING, " daring: SHOUTING; " chal-leng-ing:
the MASSING soulful hoards:
of (empty,) featureless faces.

"Yelling, shout-ing "TELLING, " scold-ing:
"PLEADING," "BEGGING:" (crying, )sham-ing:
the (resistful,) huddled massed.
"SELLING:" the Carnies ancient, artful craft: of (dodging.)

Mirrors of life: (folding) mirrors of time:
(twisting,) con-torted passages: darkly lit behind.
Distorting, "TROUBLING " faces:
the house, of (convexed) mirrors: of "MUTI-IMAGED" lives!

People reflecting people, (reflections:)
in the "TELLING" hall of mirrors.
Multi-imaged reflections.
"UNMASKING," people faces: "Moon" eclips-ing faces!
All within the carney's:
"Fun House" show of mirrors.

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