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The Carpenter
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The Carpenter

With a nail in your right hand,
and a nail in your left hand,
and a nail or two to keep your feet in place...
up there on that cross - - -
I am just guessing that you are not here
to fix the roof!

He is not directing traffic like that - - -
and, yes, I know, that it is hot today - - -
... But, a loin cloth?
I am guessing that that is not tomato sauce,
and even I could pick a better hat than that!

You could use a haircut and a shave, by the way!
I don't mean to misbehave - - -
but, you must admit - - - this is a little unexpected!
BUT - - - You did say, you would be back!

Although your mothers image is on the odd potato chip,
or on a cement wall under a Chicago train bridge...
or on a grilled cheese sandwich, according to believers,
I tend to think that that's not what you meant by ' Faith '.

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Very unique poem...thought provoking... Hugs, Dee