The Castle-Keep

Why is it I should feel fenced in by you?
I can walk as far as the four compass points of my own soul,
To the very edges of my comprehension and self-knowledge, as I dare.
Can swim in the deep or shallow waters, to my own comfort level.
Deny myself, or reward myself, anything in my own surroundings.
Confuse myself, or illuminate my mind with honesty.
I can make myself miserable or happy, as I deem it should be.
Mostly like some sovereign king, I live, but all the while, still
Testing the bars, the barbed wires, of my imaginary limits.
I guess in the end you should throw me out;
But you are a benevolent guardian and you see much farther
Than I ever could. You can see past any current obstacles;
Your love rides far above the plain, featureless days.
It must dwell somewhere much higher up, which would explain
My sense that you are never really here with me-
It is just that, you are always in the castle keep,
Making sure nothing really bad can ever happen to me.

by Patti Masterman

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