CJ (3-27-1958 / Oakland, California)

The Cat

Evening’s begun,
That peaceful time of day
When it is just you and I,
And the cat.

And he climbs into your lap,
Like a small child
Craving your attention - crawling over me
Like I’m not there.

Purring and rubbing his face
On your face, cat kisses
Greeting you like a lover,
Home after a long journey.

He lays his fat body across
Your chest like a bed
And relishes the stroke of your fingers
And the comforting beat of your heart.

And I look at you, with that cat
Sprawled across your chest,
Purring and happy, and he looks at me
Boastful almost, taunting me.

And I can’t take my eyes off of you,
And the cat.
For a moment I am jealous
Wanting to push him off,
To put an end to his smug expression.

I slide down, and put my head in your lap,
Longing to feel the stroke of your fingers
Through my hair.
And you reach down and touch my face,
And I’m no longer jealous,
Of the cat.

by Cathy Jackson

Comments (1)

I like that it seems real, almost like you've really felt. Is this true. It also made me feel as if I were the one jealous of the Cat.