The Cat

Gliding, gleeming, slithering
'Round about the furniture -
Silky, slinking silently
Down the stairway's curvature -
Padding quickly, quietly
O'er the marble window sill -
Waiting....... crouching cautiously,
For the chance to make her kill;
Silent - watching, deathly still
Listening for the slightest noise -
Hearing........springing suddenly,
Coal black demon, sleek and poised;
Needle-clawing, capturing
Unsuspecting little mouse -
Petty, painless duty done,
Returns the 'mistress' of the house -
Gliding, gleeming, slithering
'Round about the furniture,
Silky, slinking silently
Up the stairway's curvature.

*This is an old one I wrote when I was about 15. Frank's Kat Ku's reminded me to add it to my collection

by Linda Ori

Comments (2)

At 15 - jeez Linda. You had quite an ear back then - only yesterday of course! ! Great rhythm and rhyme on display way back at the start. I was with that cat all the way. xxx jim
Midnight...An oldie, but goodie, indeed....And 15, no less...But it wasn't a suicide note...tsk, tsk, tsk...I am very sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you just would not fit in as a 15 year old quiller today! lol! Awesome stuff teen-queen! FjR