The Cat In Black

Prancing behind me on dainty cat feet,
A dancing black shadow, followed me down the street.
Where the rest of it was, I do not know,
But I raced for my house, shadow in tow!

I burst into my home, and slammed the door.
I searched, but there was no cat on the floor.
Delighted, I decided to fix my lunch.
I laid it on the table and went for some punch.

I felt uneasy, call it a hunch.
Yep, when I got back, the salmon filet was gone!
That shadow ate it, sure as you're born.
For I heard his disembodied purr like a roar!

What happened next, you wouldn't believe.
That shadow opened the door and pounced in the breeze!
Quickly, I shut the door, mightily relieved.
How such a thing could happen, I can't conceive!

by Mary Naylor

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