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The Cat Is Free
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The Cat Is Free

The Cat Is Free

The cat is free;
No tether he
Will wear in circumspect.

Ah but the eyes
And jealous cries
We hold in dire respect.

Disdains the call,
A prison wall
Will never him attract.

Yet he betrays
His freedom's ways
For one kind word and pat.

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so true.. one pat and they are yours for life depending on the cat though some hold onto their wild ways and bring you 'gifts' and one of mine an outside cat or she is supposed to be never wanders far and doesn't like affection that much and like human a bit contrary one will lay and let you fuss all day the other..bite you just by going near haha they are adorable though so you forgive them
Very well put, and I am sure your cat enjoys the rub and pat.
The domestication of the cat is surprising given their solitary habits in the wild. Your poem cuts to the heart of this.
adeline, a kind word and a pat has sometimes worked with my wife as well. i'm not really a cat lover as you seemed to think after reading my big fat cat without a hat. of course i wouldn't kick a cat down the stairs; it might retaliate! thanks for sharing. bri
Wow* The cat is free indeed! ! I love you rhyme and structure U have notice my writing style doesn't follow poetry rule i am more in art creative writing :)
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