The Red Dress / Rochia Rosie

I always saw, I always said
If I were grown and free,
I'd have a gown of reddest red
As fine as you could see,

To wear out walking, sleek and slow,
Upon a Summer day,
And there'd be one to see me so
And flip the world away.

And he would be a gallant one,
With stars behind his eyes,
And hair like metal in the sun,
And lips too warm for lies.

I always saw us, gay and good,
High honored in the town.
Now I am grown to womanhood....
I have the silly gown.

Dorothy Parker

Rochia rosie

Mereu visai, mereu am zis
Pe cand voi fi crescut
O rochie de-un rosu-aprins
Sa am mi-ar fi placut.

S-o port mergand cu pasi usori,
Pe-o dulce zi de vara,
Si unul dintre trecatori
M-ar lua din lume-afara.

Si el ar fi un cavaler,
Cu ochi de stele ardente,
Si parul de-un lucind mister,
Si buze inocente.

Si ne-am vazut pe noi mereu,
Tu-respectatibil, eu-gentila.
Acum femeie sunt si eu...
Am rochia inutila.

Romanian version
Maria Magdalena Biela

by Maria Magdalena Biela

Comments (3)

Lovely poem I liked it a lot.
Oh such a lovely write! All I could envision was my beautiful Kitty Girl of eighteen years who did all of this and more so incredibly sweetly. Brought a tear to the eye. Could not have described the ways and styles of a cats life more perfectly!
Interesting! It's very good, but interesting!