*thank You ... For Making The Darkness Return ...

It happened again
so now im done with you
and everyone
i fell into another trap
and i tried to keep the distance
but its to late to think about going back
ill have to fight this urge
such resistance

I told you not to cause any harm
i shouldve known you wouldnt listen
and so now i must apologize to my heart
for bringing back that pain
to shine and glisten
and now i thank you
for making the darkness return

by iron panda 23

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My Mother quoted it thus: Shake, shake the catsup bottle None'll come and then a lot'll
I remember this poem as follows: Shake and Shake the catsup bottle, First a little, Then a lottle.
First a little Then a lottle Ogden Nash Then they put it in a plastic bottle Squeeze as if to dottle The last few drops from the bottle Fst! is the sound Of air passing round The last few drops That showers all before it stops. s