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The Cause

We are going to tell them how they must live,
How little they can take and how much they must give.

And for their compliance what shall they get?
Why surely a better life, and an even more certain debt.

And it is us, whom these people will owe,
For because of our actions, their “freedom” they shall know.

But worry not what this “freedom” will cost,
A country broken, countless lives lost.

For it will all be in the name of a better life,
That we have made so many souls endure such strife.

Never mind the child who has last her father,
And with the daughterless mother we should not bother.

Because the importance of an emerging democracy,
Is sure to shine brighter than our reasoning’s hypocrisy.

And as the weeks turn to months, and the months to years,
And the fighting leads to pain, and the falling of tears,

We surge forward with our noble cause,
Inflicting our ideals, our government, our laws.

And through it all, we promise a future certain to be bright,
A difficult notion to accept, try as we might,
As each passing day sees our continuing fight,
And a seemingly endless darkness; a constant absence of light.

(June 6,2006)

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