The Past

Letting go of the past
Impossible if you keep hold.
The past drains fast if alas,
You have faith in good youre told.
It wont shine,
Unless you turn it on.
You hold the electricity.
Potential is the light.
Faith is the energy.
Only if you think so,
Only if you really try,
Wishes you will possess.
Please dont quit soon,
For my work is in progress...

by Houston Needham

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Depiction so realistic. Thanks
Nicely presented the courageious depiction on battle. Have congratulation.
Never read a battle described so lucidly.
Of bench and woolsack, tub and chair, We'll build a glorious pyre, And tons of rebel parchment there Shall crackle in the fire. With them shall perish, cheek by jowl, Petition, psalm and libel, The Colonel's canting muster-roll, The Chaplain's dog-ear'd Bible. Nice poem.... Thanks for sharing...
The glory of the battle hymn; the yearning, mournful song of reverie; neither can quench the acrid stench of war's hellacious harvest, or fill the empty arms of mother's and wives.
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