MS (4th September 1949 / Hounslow. Middx)

The Cave

In a cavern, cool and dark
You walk along the gravel path
Ducking under stalacites
Skirting round stalagmites
Shine a torch up to the heights
And wonder at the shadows
Of interesting little caves
Too small for any human
And everywhere is very damp
And you hear the drip of unseen water
Swing the bright beam around
To gasp at the dusty glitter
Of fragments of colourless quartz
As you creep along dim passages
Hardly daring to even breathe
Yet in a hushed voice
you blurt out, ' Oh look at that'
At least ten times ten
Only to discover something new
At each and every twist and turn
Of that rocky road
And every time you make a sound
The bouldered face throws it back
In a mocking voice, 'That! That! '
The eons hardened stony wall
Now shows an odd shaped light
You see the exit dazzingly bright
And finally leave the womb-like hole

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'Too small for any human' but maybe there's a Hobit in there? hihiihi nice read dave xxx