Mother Affections

Man is indebted with many obligations;
Which he attains through out life;
The manner of one is associated;
As effected by both the donor;
The taker of thy scattered treasurer;
The unforgettable debt indeed;
Can it be compared with anything;
This is the affection and nourishment;
What has been given by mother to child;

by yogesh saxena

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I hope you like my poemhunter poem, too: tinyurl-dot-com/a-god-man
congrats on being poet of the day!
Yes, let us remember that it's Jesus's birthday, a time to share our gifts with everyone, especially those less fortunate than us. No happiness is complete till it is shared.
I agree this is the most wonderfull poem that i have herd in a long time.
What a lovely poem. We need more Americans Like This Poet.