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The Celebration Of Jesus' Birthday
HCR ( / Lima, Ohio, USA)

The Celebration Of Jesus' Birthday

Each year when Christmas comes round,
I sometimes wonder if we really understand what its all about.
We are so busy talking about Santa Claus,
and rushing to the shopping malls,
trying to hurry and buy them out,
That we never stop and think
that its Jesus' Birthday,
We are to Celebrate.
This Christmas, when we open our gaily wrapped Christmas Gifts,
with their Ribbons Bows, and Tinsel,
Let us Remember its Jesus' Birthday.
That's why it's Christmas.
Like the wise men with their Gifts, of Frankincense, and Myrrh.
Let us give the wonderful gift of peace and love.
For Jesus, was born as the Saviour, of the world.
When we sit down to our Christmas Dinner.
Let us bow our heads, and pray.
Let us Remember it's a Celebration of Jesus' Birthday.

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I hope you like my poemhunter poem, too: tinyurl-dot-com/a-god-man
congrats on being poet of the day!
Yes, let us remember that it's Jesus's birthday, a time to share our gifts with everyone, especially those less fortunate than us. No happiness is complete till it is shared.
I agree this is the most wonderfull poem that i have herd in a long time.
What a lovely poem. We need more Americans Like This Poet.