Is there a love, that does always endure,
which creates such happiness ever so pure.
For where is that one, that perfect girl,
that seeks true love, not just a whirl.
To go through life with, hand in hand,
whose every wish, I make my command.
The one to hold at night, in a tender embrace,
when even I'm dreaming, do I see her face.
That does shine, with the most honest smile,
and in whose eyes, is there found no guile.
Who has a heart that's so caring and true,
giving one-hundred percent, in all she'll do.
Having a beauty, that does truly inspire,
that warms my heart, with an eternal fire.
Who has a confidence, so hard to find,
and ready always, to speak her mind.
When every moment together, does just amaze,
and just as seconds, do always pass the days.
Who from the moment we meet, does life start,
for finally have I, relinquished my heart.
Or maybe such perfection, is to hard a quest,
and damned am I, with this lonely unrest.

by somebody else

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wonderful work..well done
wondrous beauty of embroidered words! ! ! keep writing! ! !
Cora dear, Perhaps you have to be a fan of Kinnell's, or a weirdo like me, to find this poem not only worthwhile, but quite nice. Anyway, I couldn't resist sending it to you. If you hate it, please do not be angry with me. Love, Dick