The Chains Of Emotion

Poem By Dennis Walker

The chains of emotion hold me tight
Staying here though it is not right
No were to go no were to hide
My fate is predestined I do not decide
Would I run if I had the chance?
To be free again to play and to dance
My fantasy my passions all ignored
I am too busy to even be bored
Working all hours to make ends meet
No time for love I am dead on my feet
Holidays a dream of a long distant past
Time it is flying it is going so fast
Taxes to pay money for bills I must make
The more that I earn the more they take
There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day
I will have to take on another job to earn more pay
How could I ever leave and start all again
They would just take my money more work more pain
The chains of emotion hold me tight
No were to run I will never take flight! ! ! !

Comments about The Chains Of Emotion

Dennis, A very well written poem. One thing to remember though, Dreams are always within our reach, so long as we believe in them! Lilly :)

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