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The Chains Of Emotion

The chains of emotion hold me tight
Staying here though it is not right
No were to go no were to hide
My fate is predestined I do not decide
Would I run if I had the chance?
To be free again to play and to dance
My fantasy my passions all ignored
I am too busy to even be bored
Working all hours to make ends meet
No time for love I am dead on my feet
Holidays a dream of a long distant past
Time it is flying it is going so fast
Taxes to pay money for bills I must make
The more that I earn the more they take
There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day
I will have to take on another job to earn more pay
How could I ever leave and start all again
They would just take my money more work more pain
The chains of emotion hold me tight
No were to run I will never take flight! ! ! !

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Dennis, A very well written poem. One thing to remember though, Dreams are always within our reach, so long as we believe in them! Lilly :)