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The Chalice
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

The Chalice

Poem By AHO Speaks

We live our lives using what was given and what was obtained
To ask and ask and to ask again
Each child must be protected and grow and never to wane.

Life is an individual gift given to each of us just as our mind
To always be there to help us understand and also to find
As long as the children keep coming it is a very good sign.

Life is a gift given for a specified period of earthly time
To use our sense's and make the connections inside our mind
Judgement as an individal and what did each of us do and find

We cannot live life based on the context of the past
Earthly life is for the time of the present which goes too fast
To protect, provide, and prepare the children; for their time to last.

Each human becomes a being because of its earthly mind
A place to have thoughts and questions from the mundane to sublime
A memory of knowledge, to be there and always remind.

The human mind has the potential to go forward from the past
To make the present more permanent even tho it will not last
Leave the future for our children for it is not an impossible task.

Who among us would be so naive
Not to prepare our children and not believe
The future really becomes their present hopefully not to grieve.

In time our children will call each of us grand
Beautiful, intelligent young adults, each one to stand
Their minds filled with energy and never bland.

11-06-05 Aho Speaks.

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