TTO ( / Washington State)

(((The Challenge)))

All alone in this armidillo desert...?
One cactus and a makeshift dusty road-
The sweltering heat plays tricks on my eyes...
Enter: Mirages of vast mesas covered in Gold;

Oh the rites of the deserts drum beats out to me...
As i enter someones land through a 'rusty' 'iron' gate-
Lo and behold, i find a delapidated farmhouse empty...
And as if into a downward spiral-i approach my fate! ! !

I am descending from the top of the mesa...
My body is laced in the deserts sands veil-
Dressed in rag-tag camoflouge glittering...
Not accepting the challenge: Of Mice and Men, i fail! ;

For what is it that is so special of Mice and Men?
That deciphers the muck for the Winning Crown?
Is it who can out last another in 'Extreme Conditions? ? ? '
With no answer forthcoming-alas, 'tis the armidillo desert, i am bound;

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Thank you Catrina...really a poem about my struggle to survive our concrete jungle through chronic illness and the elements out there that ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Been so sick. Blessings, 'Theo
Wow! ! ! Great written piece.....Im in an awe.................10/10