AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

The Challenger

Dave, I brung a new boxer
What kind of punch has he got?
Can’t see him around Wally
Don’t worry Dave, you’ll see him a lot

But I can’t see him
Oh, you’ll see him soon enough
Now get your gloves on
‘Cos this match’ll be tough

Watcha waitin’ for Dave
Start sparring with the guy
But I can’t see him Wally
Can’t ya, well give it a try

He just hit ya right in the guts
And that one, that was fair in the nuts
Did ya feel it, right where it hurts, Dave
No Wally I didn’t, you’re startin’ to rave

You’ll see him alright, and he’ll become so real
That each punch that he throws, you’ll certainly feel
And he can throw punches from all over the place
This challenger I brung for you to face

You’re right Wally, I can see him so real
He just smacked me hard, like I was raw veal
He just smacked me again, near knocked me down
I tried to punch back, but he stepped right around

Dave, I’m trying to tell you how cigarettes work
‘Cos I don’t want you to be such a berk
They’ll take hold of your mind with a vice like grip
And believe me, it sure ain’t no pleasant trip

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)

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