KC (06 Dec 1960 / Hamilton Scotland)

The Chamelions Game

Slaves to a deadly passion
Temptations of the flesh
Lovers on a lonely night
Young blades with a blunted edge

Ive lived before, like a vulgar star
Jelous of the mystery
Are these the fruits of love affairs
Or are we just good friends

Followed to the end of time
High stakes
Its all in your gods name
Farewell to lonliness
Im living once again

Like lambs led to the slaughter
We play the Chamelions game
Blend into the crowd
Faceless once again

In silent agreement
Living seperate lives
together in public
still husband and wife

Together our secret
Stolen moments in the dark
Two lovers on a lonley night
Repairing broken hearts

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Damn, isnt that the truth of it? Enjoyable read.