Father Lift My Vision

Father Lift My Vision

Father lift my vision
To where I would realize
That if I would be more faithful in prayer
Then You Lord would change lives
We are our brother's keeper
Your Word has led us to
For there it is written as You have said
Do unto others as they would do unto you

So Lord increase my faith
May my heart be fervent in prayer
For the Salvation of anyone lost
Make me Lord more willing to share
For in knowing Christ...is Salvation
Deliverance from the wrath to come
Leaving unbelief to embrace belief
Being saved by the Crucified one

What joy to know that Saviour
To good to keep to ourselves
May we be busy in doing Your will
Our lives not left on a shelf
So Father here I am wholly
Ready for service for Thee
Help me to keep in the Spirit of prayer
And live life as a visionary!

Hallelujah whata Saviour!

Copyright June 18 2019 1: 29 PM

Gary James Smith

by Gary James Smith

Comments (5)

An interesting poem, it was nice to read it.
Totally loved this true and realistic tale of what it's like to be married. Men are much the same I guess. Although I've been married now 39 years, boy has it been hard work. Marriage is definitely not an easy job at all. Men just don't seem to think anymore after they're married and life becomes a task no longer enjoyed, because the man you first loved has somehow disappeared into the woodwork or T.V. Really true to life poem, fantastic! Loved and could identify with every word of it. Although I would never get married again after the first time, not really my cup of tea, I found out the hard way. Thank you for enlightening the world with this poem, it's very good indeed. A classic for sure. RoseAnn
I hope this not a revelation about Irish husbands. This one definitely should have been dumped. But then the twist ending. Either she has dreadful luck or something is lacking in her part of the marriage. Th verse itself I found easy reading and entertaining.
A great last line for its ambiguity - did she choose unwisely or did she drive them to it?
Nature abhors the change yet we change because we are compels to change....A shimmering face on water..love the poem..thank u