(28.06.1952 / Coventry)

The Change

Outside, the air is cold and the sky is grey,
Another poor january day,
When sitting at home seems the place to be,
Thinking of the waves far out at sea

The blowing wind and all it's power,
The rain, at times, more than a shower,
The trees outside may topple down,
And I'm wrapped in my dressing gown

I imagine the many weeks ahead,
When I might struggle from my bed,
To venture out, to struggle home,
To sit inside, all on my own

When Spring arrives, my time will too
Then I can get out more, and do,
The things that gift my heart a lift,
My garden, if you get my drift

For now, while it is cold and grey,
I'll stay inside, and pass each day,
With thoughts of how my life will be,
When the seasons seem to change for me

by Phil Soar

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An interesting write beautifully crafted. Great rhyme. Weather changes our lifestyle.10