The Change Of Time

Poem By Peter S. Quinn

The change of time
Affects us in days to come,
The future is unknown
Who knows where it's from?
We run out of luck
If things stay the same,
Or we will be forever stuck
In the memory game.
Waves of time will play
With us and give us grieve,
Each year has a turning way
In all our thoughts and believe.
The change of things
Comes with each New Year,
Who'll ever know what it brings
A smile or twinklings tear?
We love though alterity
When they are new and exiting,
Exotic things to be
In days ahead hiding.

Like glowing embroidery
Of drifting time gone by,
The moments dwell in me
Such souvenir can't die.
The change in a life
Is beyond a reason,
Though regret is rife
For each and every season.
All old to new then sings
What comes and goes we bear,
Like silver bells it rings
In each of memories ear.
I can not futures see
Or what to me they bring,
Still they're flying free
So playful is their wing.
The change, comes and goes
Produces us daily on,
The past mind's eye glows
Who knows where it's gone?

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