The Changing World

The world is forever changing! I don't
like the things I see. I preferred the
way, it was before, as nothing affected
me! It's virtually impossible to read the
newspaper, for what you read, can make
you sick at heart. It seems to me, like
the whole world, has started to fall apart!
Wherever you look, there is utter cahos.
It can be felt, almost everywhere. People
have become so complacent, they just
don't seem to care. What about the
premise, to live and let live? Lending a
hand to your neighbor, letting, them know
you forgive. What example, are we
setting for the children of tomorrow?
Living in a world, built on mistrust, hate
and sorrow! I pray for peace, once again,
to prevail, And with it, bring dignity, to the
weak and the frail!

by Audrey Heller

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