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The Charity Shop
(25th March 1943 / )

The Charity Shop

I said to my friend, , , , , , , , , ,
Have you ever visited a Charity Shop,
It really is worth a lengthy stop,
To search amongst rails of second- hand clothes,
All of which, at one time, somebody chose,
And find a bargain with a designer label,
Purchased probably by someone called Mabel.
So into one, we then made our way,
And started looking without delay.
So I said to my friend.........
Now here is a really smashing blouse,
Your interest, I know this will easily arouse.
Now it's your size, so that's quite nice,
Bought probably at a ridiculous price.
You could even wear it to the the office 'do',
With that skirt that's got the ribbon slotted through
The hem, and it's just the perfect shade,
Should I say turquoise, or maybe jade.
Well anyway, it's very you,
So what do you think, give me a clue.
Whatever else, it's only 'two fifty',
I think for that, it's kind of nifty.
So is it a 'goer'? what do you say? ,
For if you don't want it, I'm willing to pay
The price for a Zandra Rhodes design,
For when wearing it, I would feel divine.
You'll have it, I just knew you would,
Now anything more to make you feel good.
My friend shook her head........
Okay, that's enough for a first inspection,
For a Charity Shop, you can get quite an 'affection'.
It's fun, it's bargain hunting with a capital B,
My friend in the end, said, she had to agree.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (5)

'Sal's Boutique' is always a fun stop! (that's slang for the Salvation Army Thrift Shop) . But for reading material, I can't even look, cause my wife says 'you've got TOO many books! '. sigh... -chuck
Ernestine we have five of them in our town but I am barred from them all because I spend too much money in them, so my Husband says. Instead of lieing to him I barred myself and only go in when he is with me. My whole wardrobe and dressing room is full of charatable clothing and the house is full of junk.Your poem is just brilliant a must for a person like me who is a secondhand Rose. Cheers Sylviex
I love shopping at charity shops and have picked up so many bargins and all for a good cause.I think i'ts a great thing to do whilst helping those in need that we may never meet but will benefit so much.Lovely Writing and support.Love Duncan
I am addicted to thrift stores. I love to imagine where the things have been before you buy it. Very nice poem Ernestine. Sincerely, Mary
excellent, story poem, I did enjoy. Amanda