The Cheaters...

A few hearts seem to be strong
But Melt at every heat to be in wrong
A few hearts seem to be weak,
Cry at the betrayal of the cheats,

Those who have tried to get the best,
Wiping out the sweet memories as the dust, ,
Always end as the loser wiping the tears,
Stagnant Emotional baggage live in fear for ever,

Someone may wait for you with a single rose,
Not tainted or smeared with hurtful curse,
The world is surrounded with new breeze,
Sad face not suits you, Smile and gallop.
Housekeeping may taunt, but throw away the rubbish,
God is at your side and He has given you a good choice,
Let the cheaters be blessed with pain they deserve,
Let the cheaters be guided to be true to themselves,

by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

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The betrayal of the cheats in this world. Nice work.