My Crow

As a popular Chinese saying goes
Crows everywhere are equally black
But this one in the backyard of my heart
Is as white as a summer cloud
I have fed him with fog and frost
Until his feathers, his flesh
His calls and even his spirit
All turn into white like winter washed

My crow’s wings will never melt
Even when flying close to the sun

[First published in New Qtrly]

by changming yuan

Comments (25)

I want Full poem of the cherry tree
And the benediction continues
How beautiful and succinct.
This poem is terrific. It displays layers of scenery and we fill in the blanks for creative thinking.
Nature's continuous cycle birth life death in the petals celebration or tears while they fall it's what the reader perceives...this could have been a haiku but as a short poem it says alot, too.
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