JSN (27/06/65 / Sevenoaks Kent UK)

The Cheshire Cat

You can tell a Cheshire Cat
By the size of his grin
You cannot help but love him
Even though he wants to sin

For he has the kind of smile
That says, come on and play
And when he starts to purrr
He can take your breath away

When he nuzzles with his nose
Then licks you with his tongue
Even though you know you should
You cannot turn and run

Because his eyes they are hypnotic
They put you in a trance
Sometimes he makes you want to sleep
He can even make you dance

You never know what next he’ll do
Unpredictable is his name
However you’ll always enjoy yourself
When you play the Cheshire game

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Comments (2)

Haha i like this poem. Even if I enjoy dogs more. I cannot help but say that i smiled while i was reading, smiled all the way through, but not because of the words it spoke or the simple meaning intended but of the meaning my immature mind sought. XD
Nothing like a puddy tat tale and the Cheshire grin is no sin and your fun poem gave me a grin+++++10 regards