The Chief Scout To The Top General

Gl Eisenhower! Gl Eisenhower!
Why did you nae come with us?
You cannot say, I didn't tell yea,
I thouht yea, were one o'us!
Join us on the beaches like true cousins,
I said, it was a must!
A thousand men that wen with you,
Were turned into dust!
Monty know me as chief scout of B.A.
I ordered the Normandy landings!
I trusted in God, trust in Her Majesty
She prefers us call her Mam!
Every time I won a battle
My favorite saying way -----
I'll get down to Woolworths and buy myself
a medal!
I once said it to Mam, she never let me down
as a -- spy! Now you go Mam and buy yourself
at Woolworths a medal! ---- Joke!

by Gordon Paul

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