The Child In Me

Oh she is stupid…oh how weird…and those wonderful expressions
The child in me is prone to the above
Infact the child finds it funny and hilarious and most of the time laughs off the adults
It wants to laugh, laugh like never before, laugh openly at every opportunity available …..oh mind you not at others …. it still does not understand mockery it just wants to be happy because only that it is what it likes…happiness all around
The child knows what it is doing… is not oblivious of the pains around …. knows that there is a lot around for people to mourn over …. It personally has an overdose but then finds no reason to gloom always…wants to fight the adversities with fun and laughter….it would not change anything but atleast keep positivity around and love and motivation
Oh sorry people around are grown up….sorry sorry sorry…. They are matured … oh how dumb of me….they don't even let a child be, how could I expect them to let the child in me be….
Their world has rules which all are expected to comply… you can constantly mock at others but have that look when having a light hearted laughter
Here you can be rude and manipulative but not childishly stupid
Here you can have fake smiles but not painful dimples
Its immature they say
The child is constantly mocked at…it still wants the innocent laughter but elders have their rule book to comply….
Its scared….nervous… wants to remain a child….there's nothing wrong in it…is there?
If your rule book can accept connivance and mock than am sure there's place for childish fun…..join the fun darling…..let the child in me and you be……there are already to many adults around…don't mock and scare the child away
Oh! Ok. You are different and you don't want to be one …. But am different too….let the child in me be…..let me laugh…..I know its stupid…..I know its childish but you know what its not ….

by Avi Parekh

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a child - symbol of love and truth and all purity