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The Child In Your Mind
EB ( / Earth)

The Child In Your Mind

Let the child
In your mind
Come to the door

For that child
In your mind
Is a symbol
A sign

That will
Take you back
Indelible time

To a truth
That you lost
In this world
Where you wake

When you came
To be adult
With an ego
To slake

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Comments (6)

Let the child in your mind play, And to your heart say, You are on the right way.
This poem has such a wonderful message!
I think if you keep the child in your mind Egal, it keeps you sane as you reach maturity. You can still see the world through 'rose coloured glasses' and enjoy it. Sincerely Ernestine
NICE POEM, i wish i could write more poems like this, the world needs them.
Very nice Egal.....Perhaps the poem ends too soon such as childhood ends too soon...........I like this alot. Sincerely, Mary
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