IO ( / Ondo, Nigeria)

The Child Of Creation

You were there
When I drew the first breath
And voiced the first sound of life
At my earliest arrival
The child I was to you

You were there
Suckling up my first meal
Greedily and innocently
On my mother’s breast
The little soul I was to you

You were there
Weaning and leaning on all my four
Rapturously babbling off
My first muted and mumbled words
The babe I was to you

You were there
Toddling playfully around
Fumbling wobbly at all
Within my cherubic sight and reach
The child I was to you

There you were
When puberty attended to me
And adolescence my host be
Alongside its juvenile entourage
Still a soul so little to you

You were there
At the ripening of manhood
When the spirit is aglow set
In the light of my full moon
The child still I remain to you

There, you are
At point of the diminishing returns
As the circles closes, and severed the silver cord
At the ripening rots and forms
The child of creation, I remain to you.__

by ifedayo oshin

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