The Child That Remains

Poem By Linda Maxwell

Yes, I still belive in magic, in wishing on a star.
In climbing up a moonbeam, and rainbow candy bars.
I search for four leaf clovers, and for elves nearby.
Why, I even believe in a land of love and laughter.
Where no one has reason to cry.
A land where eveyone loves each other, and helps without being asked.
Where they treat each other as sister and brother.
And taking care of each other is a joyful task.
A land where no one robs, or cheats or kills.
Where there is encouragement and help learning new skills.
Yes, I guess it's the child in me, who lives on.
Long after my youth and beauty are all gone.
That was the world I knew as a child.
And I have to return every once in a while.
I think maybe that this wonderful world, was what God had in mind.
When he created earth, and gave it to mankind.
So I suppose I'll just go on believing in magic,
And watch people as they smile.
And expect the best that God can give,
With the faith and trust of that long ago child.

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