Departed Friends

The dead friends live and always will;
Their presence hovers round us still.
It seems to me they come to share
Each joy or sorrow that we bear.
Among the living I can feel
The sweet departed spirits steal,
And whether it be weal or woe,
I walk with those I used to know.
I can recall them to my side
Whenever I am struggle-tried;
I've but to wish for them, and they
Come trooping gayly down the way,
And I can tell to them my grief
And from their presence find relief.
In sacred memories below
Still live the friends of long ago.

by Edgar Albert Guest

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nice poem I love this poem
Add a comment. Nice poem
I love this poem.My father used to read it for me.It reminds me of him
Oh How, , , So Tender! And So Very! Very Precious! ! ! Simply Priceless! ! ! ! (LOVE Without End! ! !)
I really endear this poem because as a father of three lovely girls that were 2 years aprt in age, they did some of these little tricks on me and I enjoyed it immenseley. That was many years ago but it is still locked im memory as an important part of my life. I will endear this poem forever.
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