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The Chill Of Metal
JAT (Somewhere between the Dirty Thirties and now. / Montreal)

The Chill Of Metal

I'll bet that someone has already written some of these lines, they were too easy to think of. If anyone notices any lines that are from another poem, please tell me, I will alter the poem. I don't want to steal anything.

The calling wind
Softly blows
Chasing them away
All my woes

The sun shine
Upon thy hair so fine
Ever slowly
comes the rain
Soon the showers
Feel the pain

Curled upon thy hand so clear
I spot the ring
And with a hanging tear
I look to my dress
The white of pearls cannot show stress
Yet you see the pain in my eyes
Your eyes met mine

I once felt pity
I once felt fear
I once felt your light
Clinging to me
Like a mother, protecting a child
From the evils of the world

I felt I could be happy
I thought I could help you
See the error of your ways

I say it once, I say no more
How could you fall for the whore?
The one that creeps in the shadows
Looking for victims big and small
Comfort them until they pay

Their lives have been torn too quickly
I see the lies they say
I see the darkness of their hearts
I know she will hurt you

I feel nothing more than pain
Lost upon the falling tear

Some words I couldn't say
Fell to rage and came to show
The pain toward my chest was fear
Yet another soon to grow

The page that left these words
I left upon your bed
The once believed wedding vows
That were left to be unsaid

The feelings that I felt for you
I thought was love and lust
Yet now I see
Were Cupid's pitied trust

I say goodnight to thee, my dear
As I fell towards the pain
I decided what to say
What to do and when

You will feel the pain you left for me
I will watch you die
The blood flowing from your neck
Upon which your head held high

Your words once called to me
Now they were dead
I feel the pain
You felt as you had said
'Forgive me'

What have you done to me?
I feel more of dread
It weighs upon my fingers
As I shake my pounding head
I'm sorry I had done this
I feel sorry for you
My friend

The cold chill of the metal
Upon your throat
Thrown to the wall
I watched it as my plans began to fall

The girl came in
The one you kept so close
She gazed upon your body
A tightness in my throat
As I realized who she was

She was not your whore
Or anyone's at all
She was my friend
Who was kept locked up
Of false accusations

I died that night
My body beside yours
As I realized your attempts
To save a mere friend
From the dangers of outside

OK, not finished it, I just don't have time right now. I will finish it. Soon.

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