The Chill Of Truth

Crudely chained,
within the eternal annals of humankind
are the acts of men,
both recorded, and unwritten in time
that forever bind,
the affairs of humanity in the realm
of vile, spirited leaders,
as they man our world's helm.

Through continuation,
of the intent in forceful rule
domination mindset, i.e.
works of war, as guided by fools
exposing our children,
to the low intentions, of the few
to overlord, above all life,
enslave, all they so choose.

Each see and sense,
their compassionless states of mind
power twisted and wound,
against the whole of mankind
aggression and violence,
targets the uncooperative meek
escalates to infernal acts,
against, those sick and weak.

Through domination,
all nations and states seek to act
infer fear, in each citizen,
by subliminal sneak attacks
create the fervor for disunity,
to force and to inflict
institutional persuasions upon,
break each persons back.

The idea of those in power,
is simple and wickedly slick
its, enslavement for all,
in mind, each is commonly thick
nose and hands ground to bone,
bodies beat with a stick
human souls, lost in a moment,
death's simply, realpolitik.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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