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(the) Chilling Facts Of Reality
( / Connecticut)

(the) Chilling Facts Of Reality

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Each step towards disclosure,
Remains suspenseful.
And gets more thrilling.
Although horrifies,
Those along for the ride...
To loosen their grip,
On denials to let go.
Even as the chilling facts,
Of reality...
Exposes false beliefs.
And goosebumps to produce.

Many are seen clinging,
To backpacks strapped...
With artifacts to declare,
Precious family heirlooms.
Of a deceiving childhood.
Defended to protect.
Daring to dispute,
Anyone providing proof...
That validates their minds,
Have been misguided.
For a very long time.
But still...
And regardless,
Of what an audit has found...
Many in tears and biting lips,
To proclaim,
Any evidence revealed...
Maybe shocking.
And truth to exist,
Is just another...
Groundless assumption.
Fictioned for cheap thrills.

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