Accident Bonds Strangers Airbus320 (Miracle Worker) ♥

Flies like a mighty eagle soaring high
Unafraid, focused and determined
Airbus320 not even 5 minutes dominates the sky
Never imagine something will happen

Flock of birds struck the plane's engine
A horrifying accident was about to happen
The plane banked left, losing altitude quickly
155 passenger's life in danger, they pray
Passenger Jeff Kokodjay said Hail Mary.

In pilot's hand, their safety lies
But cant do anything without God's light
Different options, the plane wouldn't make it
Then an audacious river landing in sight.

Overseeing the escape miraculously
Cited for smoothly landing his plane belly-first
Unto the Hudson River, it landed successfully
Miraculously, it was a controlled descent

They were cheering happily
Some are crying, hugged one another
They were helping though strangers to each other
Back on shore, stunned passenger walked around
They embraced, shook each other's hand.

Nearly all were strangers,
Unique comraderie, they shared as one
All the strangers they don't know had a common bond...
God is guiding them with His loving Hands.


by Maia Padua

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The rhyme in this poem gives in a flavour :) if it weren't for that, t would be tasteless. Thanks. -Wu