DD (Before JFK / Buzzards Bay)

The Choice

Once there was such passion
moments shared for hours or days
replaced with such tension
we cough a laugh and move on

Years ago you insisted
I extinguish any feelings
That I had for another
I was to be yours alone

But what you keep
in your heart for another
you won't release it
you nuture it and so it remains

Now you have no desire
just a sense of obligation
to keep for them a home
where we all sleep at night

So I must wait for you
to make time for us
a few minutes together
as our day ends

You say I will regret
if I force you to choose too soon
which says to me
the choice has been made

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I know good things come to those who wait... as I waited for another poem from you.. and alas.. we have a great write.. choices are the same... patience, love and understanding all bring one thing.. happiness... and I wish you this as not only my brother-in-law, but as one of God's children.. my brother. Love to you and the family...
This is such a powerful write, you say in gripping detail how you feel, and there are so many instances you throw in there with the fewest of words, like snapshots, showing life and how your situation unfolds... many will relate to this poem. Oh, and by the way: Need more poems from you! ! ! And this is a mistake I won't make again. I love you. me