JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

The Choices And Changes

Life with so many details of happenings,
The life itself continue to move, to go on.
Life begins, when you start to live,
Laugh, smile, and dream.
We move to the direction we make,
The choices and changes in life.

Every body has a life road,
The opportunity of choosing.
The choices we make depend
On the changes we take.
But things can be done, if we are
Willing to work with it.
The illusion of mind connected
With vision. Time passing by,
They move to the fullest stages of
Substance composed by action.

The opportunity build in time often by
Significance event of vitality
Considered of survival living the earth.
This opponent of life details contain
The Happenings passing through, linger in.
The appearing of moment building of occurrence
Things, compose of choices and changes in life.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
6 March 2003
Noon Time

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