The Chord

Courageous lair "might prevail"
Waking up to her your "yellow coal"

Steals a its way

harm's imbrogliatic murmur
to concatenate

has been "said"
a mortal habitation or cut in air

that air leaks through

here too


Tricked again out of
hope's chord

The oscillatory hum in the head, or

continual reaction in the wet mouth to
old oranges, or

mistakes in form
"I retain a clear memory of afternoon light."

A vertebra unfolds its wing, its smallest
wing, the pleasure particulate of such a wing

(harp's corde)

a our mycelium

Anonymous submission.

by Erin Mouré

Comments (2)

This poem is about coming back and coming back again to each word and line. Letting it sink in Finding it mended in you.
Anyone know what this poem is on about, even if you understand the meaning of some of the words used? My conclusion is...........waffle.