Like a spirit sombre within the breast
Lies the lake encased in hills.
Mirrored in its depths,
Night expires breath by breath.

I watch how she suffers, how she dies,
Her eyes blinking,
Azure-circled pools,
Like the stars of a fading sky.

But now the light of dawn
Shimmers deep within the lake.
The daystar steals away, melting
Like a piece of sugar candy.

Behold, day has dawned,
And lightning flashes from the depths.
Like a harbinger of morn
Appears, bird-white, a pelican.

by Lasgush Poradeci

Comments (2)

This poem is about coming back and coming back again to each word and line. Letting it sink in Finding it mended in you.
Anyone know what this poem is on about, even if you understand the meaning of some of the words used? My conclusion is...........waffle.