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The Christmas Present
MN (12/17/33 / Chicago, Illinois)

The Christmas Present

Angrily the little boy shouted,
'I don't want to see the manger! '
Moving his arm in a wide sweep,
He knocked over all the sheep.

'Where are my presents?
Where is my nintendo?
I'm going to run away!
I don't even care where I stay! '

Before his mother could move,
He ran out of the door.
He ran until all he could see was snow.
Confused, he didn't know where to go.

Suddenly ahead, he saw two animals,
Like two white shadows of light.
Moving closer he saw one was a lamb,
and the other was a huge ram.

His teeth were chattering with cold.
The animals nestled against him.
Then they nudged him ahead
Toward a shack with a straw bed.

Inside there glowed a soft light,
shining in the gathering dark,
He could hear the lambs bleat
As they pushed him toward the gentle heat.

It was dark now, and snowing.
But the scene radiated light.
He saw a beautiful smiling lady,
Leaning over a tiny Baby.

They were so beautiful.
He pressed closer to see.
The Baby waved his little arms,
as if to protect the child from all harm.

Suddenly, he heard his mother crying,
'Doctor, I found him a snow drift.
He'd fallen and hit his head.
I thought he was dead! '

'The doctor said, 'He'll be fine.'
'He's awake! Look, dear, your presents.'
But he brushed them aside,
and ran to where Mary and her Baby abide.

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What a beautiful, compelling story poem It is a present, not only for Christmas, but for all year long. Warm regards, Sandra