PPH (1996-1920 / )

The Chump

Do you think Jesus has ever sat around with guys
like Superman and Spiderman and compared
super powers? Boy, I would love to listen in on

Spiderman would probably talk about being able
to climb buildings and ride long swinging web-
ropes around the city. Superman would talk about
flying into outer space and having x-ray vision.

Then they’d turn to Jesus who would say
something like, “I turned some water into wine.”
There would be silence as the other two stared
blankly at him, unimpressed. Then Jesus might
hopefully offer, “I also rose from the dead.”
Superman would probably scratch his head, look
over at Spiderman, slowly exhale and say, “Man,
I’ve done that in so many episodes I can’t even
count ‘em.”

As Jesus looked down at his feet, Superman
would yawn and say, “Hey Spidey, let’s go get a
beer.” The two of them would stand up and start
to go. Then Superman would turn and look back
in afterthought. “Oh, wanna come with us, Jesus? ”

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Comments (4)

Another fun one PH! p.s. Do you know that Superman/Spiderman/Wonder Woman joke? -chuck
I think they have something else in common Prof, beside the super powers. They all three have bestsellers. This somewhat reminds me of the play 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. Needs a PR person to play up his strong points. You know, wine by the big J, or he could start a water skiing school, or sell a healomatic cross on the Home Shopping Network.
Well I overheard Jesus ask both Superman and Spiderman if they could really and truly forgive sins. And I saw them both dropp to their knees. Funny thing, hmmm? :) Raynette
JC, by day a mild mannered messiah but, by night, a mild mannered messiah................prod the contemplative processes with a sharp implement why don't you! ? Neat piece PH.