The Church

Poem By Helen M. Addleman

The church is a wonderful place.
Where we can always seek God's face,
Also where we can dry our many tears,
And be comforted always from our fears.

We attend each Sunday morning.
The pastor always gives a warning.
Oh! may we always renounce our sin,
So that the light will always shine within.

We sit so quiet and meditate,
And wonder just what is our fate.
The hymns we sing, the prayers we say.
Will always brighten up our day.

The organ with its pleasant sound.
Will help us worship God, His will we found.
We look to Christ who fills our hearts,
And makes us sure we do our part.

We journey home our love to share.
With those who couldn't be there.
They are always glad to hear the right.
The way salvation gives its light.

Through the days and weeks we do go.
Our love for others we should show.
It gives us many thoughts that lift,
Our hearts in praise from out our lips.

Each time we go to church and sit,
And let the spirit move to sift.
The woes and the foes that sadden us,
And gives us cause to go to church.

To those who don't know the love that's there.
Where we always glory in our hope to share.
We win new friends who stand by you;
Sometimes there's many sometimes there's few.

By and by the church will go,
While God with His blessing will bestow.
The wedding feast will come about,
and everyone will sing and shout.

Folks what would we do without the church?
It stands for many trees, even the birch.
We would just think and wonder throughout the earth,
Trying with all our might to show our worth.

So can't you attend it and sing and praise the Lord.
There's no other way we can afford.
But to mingle with His children far and near,
We know we can serve our master without fear.

You will be comforted without a doubt.
And Christ will come and that's what its all about.
His blessed Word will stand throughout the ages,
As you read it from all its pages.

You won't be following the crowd as they say,
And this path to serve Him will be the way.
As Christmas comes about each year.
By faith we can truly hold our loved ones most dear.

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