The Circle

From parent and child
to friend to child to parent.
I've grown and reflecting back.
The circle is clear to me.

As a child looking up to them.
Then eye to eye
with the coming of age.
Still I looked up to them.

Many the role my parents played
guiding my course through life.
Their status with me
changing as older I grew.

Entering the world of adults
leaving adolescence behind.
Friends confidants
and equals they became.

When times my needs demanded
support direction advice.
Always they were there.
On my parents I could rely.

Taking my place as a parent.
Their wisdom a well I drew from.
Their strength
became a staff I leaned on.

One day to me
it was suddenly clear.
My path through life
followed the footprints they left.

When came the time
in their autumn years.
For safe haven they looked to me.
Their obligations I realized fulfilled.

It was for me now the time
to carry that load
they had gladly borne.
The circle had come full turn.

by Kurt Hearth

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