(1847-1949 / United States)

Cut-Up Poems from Minutes to Go

at land coccus germs
by a bacilmouth Jersy phenicol bitoics
the um vast and varied that
specific target was the vast popul - - - -

the vast
cancers that surgery and Xrays C
In the United States the Americi
is considered well worth our feet. . .

Ociety racks up the score like
sons will become new cancer pee
a third of them. . .

Surgery & Radiation be saved
this leaves 225 000
resistant o rso widely
surgeons and radiologists

These individuals are marked foe. . .

"For these the
the opinion of Dr. Robert P
Dushinski with £ fluoro
he helped synthesize
cancer men
growth in some cases
is worth 12,000 dollars $$$$

cancer men. $

. . . these individuals are marked foe. . .

Cut up New Clues To Cancer Cures
The Saturday Evening Post
Oct. 31, 1959 Past Time

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