The City-At Night

Awake at night
Lights sparkling bright
People from unknown places
Egged into crowded spaces

The city
A place to unwind
Finding things that are one of a kind

Music booming
Bodies looming
As they crash
To the beat of sound
Like waves on the seashore

Languages collide
Fashionistas assemble
All are ready
As many gamble and rumble

The city
A place for fun
After all the hard times
When work is done

The city
With its twists and turns
Foghorns blowing
Trains tottering by
Ignoring the suffering of others
With the blink of an eye

The city
Yet so grand
Beseeching the ignorant
Until he or she becomes
Its next truant

The city
Where many will sell souls
And integrity
As life becomes a finality
Then continues on...

by Mitzie Holstein

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