The City-At Work

24 hours
Non stop work
Nine to five
Trying to stay alive

Some work twelve hour shifts
Some work for eight
While many go around the clock
Endeavoring not to be late

Some work at midnight
Some work at noon
Some work before the awakening of the morning sun
Making sure that their part is done

From the schools
To the pews
The stores to the bakery
Work continues in the city

With emergency rooms jam packed
Hospitals ransacked
Patients cursing
Nurses racing
Doctors doing the impossible
Yet time in this instant
Moves slowly by
No one listens to patients as they cry

Bartenders fill a final glass
Dancers shake that ass
Real fast
In an effort for that final tip
Snatching it from that drifter's huge grip

Construction sites boom loudly as ever
As people wait or duck for cover
While workers in hard hats
Swear and move
Grinding in heat or cold
A paycheck
Their final goal

Stockbrokers hit a high note
Smiling faces on which to dote
Until the Dow limbers slightly
Suddenly they are not so mighty

Broadway sings a happy song
People in lines all day long
But at nights it gets even better
With lovers clutching tightly
Watching actors on stage
Dancing and singing merrily

This is the city
A city at work
Sometimes filled with many a jerk
Some people cash
While others eat
Many carry burdens as they hit the street

Some work above ground
Some work below
Some go fast
While others go slow

Many work hard for their daily bread
Some work in teams
Using their heads
To take from the poor
To give to the rich

And work continues
A daily struggle
Fighting to stay alive
Alive in a city
Where you must be witty
Or else be eaten alive! ! !

by Mitzie Holstein

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