The city is designed very well.

The city is designed very well.
Moving about is easy even for someone like me who has no sense of direction.

We always end up at the same square: the same huge equestrian statue
the petite pigeons that scatter about like crumbs
the sun that reaches us from all sides.

You know . . .
I have never walked with a woman.
I would gladly give you my hand but you say we can't
(and surely you are right).
where we are heading no-one knows.

If we go straight on the city will abandon us.
Then begin the clouds and the pain makes it pour.
Begins a thick grass that hides the lanes.
Believe me we will trip on a stone and fly who knows where.
Then again we have not a single plan to keep ourselves safe.
Admit it: we haven't left ourselves the slightest possible
way out.

Translation: Matilda Colarossi

by Roberto Amato

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