The City Of Civilization

There in the city of civilization, our skin tanned
Chemicals and spillage fill the land
We clutter haphazardly in the thick throng
No break, no pause through the yearlong
We breathe each other's breath for support
We smell each other's sweat in transport
True essence of nature compromised
Every other thing, asides human, improvised

The streets exhale smoke-filled pollutant
A burnt offering ready to make human mutant
Homes on land, homes on water
Just to find a place at night to slumber
Violence pervade the drives, the parks and the highways
The aftermath, lifeless bodies on the subways
True essence of life forgotten
The society is sick and rotten

There in the village of primitiveness, life is for ages
Long enough to watch the decay of the cities' engages
Green plants exhale natural scent
Free aura not purchased with a cent
Home for all within the hut, cottage and farm house
Where one can lie and hear the birds sing for the Brouse
True essence of nature nurtures
Without tampering with our cultures

by Anthony Seyi Abiodun

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